Willow’s Walkabout, A Children’s Guide to Boston

Published by Bunker Hill Publishing

Illustrated by Kathie Kelleher and written by Sheila Cunningham, Willow’s Walkabout is based on the true story of a wandering wallaby named Aardu. He escaped from the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA. and in this retelling of the tale, Aardu has been transformed into a sweet wallaby girl named Willow. She gets the itch to travel into Boston to see all the sights, which she does via captivating rhyme and engaging artwork. This is an wonderful love letter to the city of Boston and should be in the library of any Beantown aficionado.

The Night Before Christmas, Deep Under the Sea

Published by Holiday House

A lobster is just about to doze off in his kelp bed when jolly old Santa Claus appears in a huge conch shell sleigh pulled by eight lively sea horses! With sparkling eyes, curled tusks, and a belly that bouces like a jiggling crown jelly, this reassuring walrus bestows his gifts and soars out of sight with a timeless Christmas message about happiness and love. Clement C. Moore’s classic poem, reimagined in a cheerful underwater setting, is a rollicking way to welcome Christmas. Written by Kathie Kelleher and Dan Andreasen.